Company Philosophy

RENDEZVOUS philosophy of work is based on these two important principles:

Every event is distinctive. Therefore, each event concept is tailor-made to suit that event.Our environment is our home and place of work. We therefore care for it, just like we care for our homes.

The first principle explains that we always provide fresh and tailor-made ideas to fit our events, and not the other way around. It also means that since we are doing something, we should do it brilliantly, and not just good, because we only have one shot to leave a lasting impression on our guests, and that better be spectacular and satisfying one.
Our second principle deals with the environment. We try our best to preserve our environment and place of work. We minimize damage and harmful waste starting at the design stage up to implementation and, later, tear-down. After all, if we don't preserve our environment and surroundings, we would have no more places to work.



Introducing (finally) for the 1st time, a platform that all of the talent our beautiful country possesses, putting emphasis on hip hoppers from every corner of the country under one roof, which these artist can be proud of. A full day and night full of live musical performance, international fashion show featuring renown models from all over the world, socializing with classy individuals, plus so much more surprises that we feel obliged not to share at this moment so you all could have your mind blown, all-in-all a revolutionary entertainment segment, that is surely one that you would regret missing out on.

Our Services

The core foundation of our business is event management and event organization. Event management starts with the design and planning stages. It then moves on to the implementation stages, followed by show running, and finally dismantling and post-event stages. Our role as event consultants to our clients is most visible in this area.